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ARB Approved Contractor Badge - awarded by the Arboricultural Association
10 Years

Arb Approved Contractors

The Climbers Way Tree Care Tree Surgeons

The Arboricultural Association Approved Contractor scheme has been setting the standards for tree surgery work for more than 40 years in an industry that has the responsibility to care for the UK's rich tree heritage.

Climbers Way Tree Care have been assessed by the Arboricultural Association, has met and continues to uphold the Arboricultural Association's Standards, and Code of Conduct and Ethics.

Case Studies

Winchester City Council

The contract involves executing arboricultural tasks throughout Winchester, including tree felling, pruning (such as deadwood removal, crown reduction, and crown lifting), and planting, which includes sourcing and supplying the necessary trees. All work is completed to BS3998: Recommendations for Tree Work Standards. Our highly skilled team of arborists are proficient and comfortable with pruning tasks […]
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Hampshire County Council

Our most recent contract with Hampshire County Council has allowed us to work and gain experience with working on more sensitive worksites such as schools and community sites. Due to the locations of the specified works, we ensure that contact is made with the premises on the day of the projects being passed to ourselves […]
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Fareham Borough Council

For the past five years, Climbers Way Tree Care Ltd has been a trusted contractor for Fareham Borough Council, providing arboricultural services under a framework agreement which was renewed in 2023 for a further 4 years. This strong partnership has resulted in mutual respect and collaboration, especially in problem-solving involving tree care issues. Within the […]
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Oxfordshire County Council

The contract delivery includes the provision of ongoing arboricultural safety works across the county which we have been completing on behalf of the council for the past 7 years. The primary focus is on trees presenting potential hazards to heavily trafficked public footpaths and highways alongside regular maintenance work which is often issued in packs […]
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Working at Night

Video: Removing 80 Ash Trees at Night The work we do tends to be very noisy so most of the time we work during the day but sometimes it’s actually less disruptive for us to work at night. Ash Dieback is a big problem at the moment. It’s a serious fungal disease that has killed […]
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4 km of Tree Protection Fencing

Protecting Trees Before a New Build Development Protecting trees during construction projects is important as it’s not easy to replace veteran trees, like a 300-year-old oak! Construction traffic, plant operations and the storage of site materials in the wrong place can all lead to accidental tree damage. Action needs to be taken to protect the […]
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Handling Road Closures

Maintaining the Trees Along Highways If you’ve ever sat on the top level of a double decker bus, you’ll no doubt have noticed lightweight tree branches brushing against the roof! If you’ve sat at the very front you might even instinctively duck when you see oncoming branches! It is the responsibility of the local authorities […]
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Why Honey Fungus Doesn’t Have to Mean the End for Your Tree

Nothing sends fear through a gardener like honey fungus. It’s a parasitic fungus, orangey brown in colour, that attacks and kills the roots of many trees. It’s one of the most destructive fungal diseases and no tree is completely immune! But just because your tree is infected it doesn’t mean it always needs to be […]
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5 Ways Climbers Way Has Helped Construction Companies

At Climbers Way we’re capable of taking on any job the construction industry can throw at us. Here are some jobs we have completed recently. Clearing 30 Acres of Woodland In order for a construction firm to get started with their work they first needed to have 30 acres of woodland and scrubland cleared so […]
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What’s Involved in a Site Clearance?

At Climbers Way we pride ourselves in having the right equipment and expertise to clear any amount of vegetation and shrubbery. This is true for even mature trees and logging that needs to be done. The Six Steps of a Site Clearance Look at the arboriculture impact report which tells us which trees are coming […]
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Video Case Study: Crane Assisted Dismantle

In March 2018, Martin Wyss, Landscape Services Manager for the University of Southampton, received an independent arboricultural survey and report which deemed two trees to be highly dangerous to members of the public. Unfortunately a Corsican pine and an oak would need to be removed. Having worked together since 2014, he contacted Climbers Way Tree […]
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